Regulators expand further into digital marketing

Posted on 15. Mar, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

At the start of the month the ASA expanded their remit to govern web content. Bigmouthmedia has been closely involved with as it imacts those of our clients who target UK audiences.  I’m especially pleased I was able to put some of the IAB and the ASA in a room together and encourage a conversation. I didn’t quite throw away the key, I was in there too and had an IAB Affiliate Council to attend afterwards where the CAP where kind enough to do a presentation on the remit expansion. I expect we’ll hear updates from the IAB Affiliate Council and the CAP for a while to come to yet.

By CAP I mean the advertiser facing side of the authority that members of the public call the ASA. You see, the ASA are the body that collect complaints and investigate but it’s the Committee of Advertising Practise that’s been applied to more and more digital marketing.

To help clear up some of the confusion and assist understanding we’ve put together a whitepaper called “CAP Expansion into Digital”. Hope you find it useful. If Scribd’s not your thing then there’s a PDF version available on our site.

Bigmouthmedia, CAP and ASA in 2011

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