Market changes bring new challenges for digital marketing

Posted on 17. Mar, 2011 by in Thoughts

Phil Gripton - UK Managing Director

UK Managing Director, Phil Gripton

It’s interesting times for digital marketing. First of all, there have been several developments over the last few weeks. On the one hand, the market has been awash with several Google announcements and acquisitions, such as its take over of BeatThatQuote. On the other hand, several reports have shown the reduction in SEO value of content farm sites as well as increased instances of sites being penalised for their black hat SEO practises.  What all of this points to is clear to everyone: white hat SEO practises are more important than ever, and if you have a third party or agency doing them for you you’d better check they aren’t doing anything that they shouldn’t be doing.

That’s as far as the market players are concerned. On the client side of things, the social media rush is continuing at a good pace and a greater number of organisations are focusing on how to drive incremental value through social media. But it’s a double-edged sword: whereas everyone wants to have a social media strategy, or so it seems, more often than not this is misinterpreted as the need to have a Facebook page or a Twitter feed. At bigmouthmedia we know it’s a bit more complex than that, and we believe that the need for more integrated social media with SEO and creative content has never been more relevant. If you haven’t done so yet, have a look at our Predictions for 2011 white paper, I’m sure you’ll find it rather interesting.

We’ve also detected that an increasing number of clients are becoming aware of the upsides that a synergistic approach across the digital channels can bring to their web performance. What would appear as the easiest option, i.e. asking the several agencies involved to work better together, is simply not going to work well enough: the individual agencies aren’t likely to have the vested revenue or margin interest in declining their share of the spend to assist a more lucrative channel for the client. The only real answer is to appoint a single agency capable of delivering all the channels in all the markets; this alone will ensure the attention is focused on optimising performance across the different channels, and not simply in individual specialists disciplines.

At bigmouthmedia we can help you achieve  just that across multiple territories, should your campaign require it. We thrive in the ever-changing digital marketing environment, and we are looking forward to the emerging landscape changes in an increasingly mature and challenging market. We work best when we fully understand your business goals and have worked with you to translate that into critical impactful activities that drive the performance of your campaigns. We know it all works best when we care as much as you do about the metrics that drive your business.

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