Is Greplin a game changer?

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Greplin - Searching your Cloud

Its well known that Google are pushing for all our data to live in The Cloud. Chrome OS, Gmail, Google docs….everything they develop stores its data remotely allowing users to access it from pretty much anywhere. They’ve invested in it extensively however they’re not very good at letting you mine that data from one place.

Sure, Google give us the ability to search for old Gmail messages from within Gmail and I can search for my Google documents from within Google docs, however there’s no way I can search all the data I have stored in Google’s Cloud from one place. For a company that’s focussing on dominating The Cloud, and already dominates the search marketplace. Doesn’t that seem a little strange to you?

Enter Greplin.

On the face of it, Greplin is a very simple idea. The most successful businesses usually are. Once registered, a Greplin user can connect all their cloud based services for Greplin to index and be searched. Having used it whilst in beta, I have added my Gmail, Google Docs, Linked in and Dropbox. Within seconds of doing so I was able to do a search for files, people and messages that I had stored in each of these services. It works brilliantly.

Greplin came out of the innovative venture fund Y Combinator and was the brain child of Daniel Gross who was only 18 when he developed the tool. At Y Combinator’s youngest entrepreneur his idea has been attracting a large amount of attention. Its simplicity, coupled with the fact that its allowing users to search the side of the web that is often locked down (through personal logins) has made it very attractive.

This is not going to be challenge to Google’s dominance of desktop search, but its approaching a part of search that Google currently doesn’t cover. Being first to market is Greplins key strength here, and it’s quick and simple execution is going to attract a large amount of users. They’ve just released a Chrome Extension that will allow you to search from wherever you are on the internet.

So, is Greplin a game changer? I don’t think so, however it will attract a significant amount of users and I’m sure it will attract a significant amount of interest in the M&A arena as well.

Want to see it in action before signing up? Check out this demo video.

[vimeo clip_id=14579806]



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