So what is the IAB AMC?

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I’ve heard so many descriptions of the above abbreviation, and thought it was about time we tried to set the record straight.  The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has a number of councils, and the Affiliate Marketing Council, or AMC, is a key one and one of the most well attended.  Bigmouthmedia has been a long term supporter of this council, as have I personally, and it continues to be an increasingly important group within our industry.  Held monthly, most groups within the community are well represented at council meetings – particularly from network and agency side, as well as some important merchants including Sky and Debenhams.

There is one key group that I feel is continually under represented though (although it has improved recently), and is arguably one of the most important: the affiliate marketer themselves.  This appears to be for a number of reasons.

Undoubtedly one of the main ones is location.  The IAB unsurprisingly are based in London, and as all meetings are held at their HQ in Holborn this is a barrier I know a lot of affiliates have made quite clear in itself.  The last chair of the AMC, Kevin Edwards, and the newly elected chair, Helen Southgate, have made it a goal to try and extend the reach of meetings by looking into ways to stream the meetings live, or have conferencing facilities.  I’m sure in time this will be resolved, but the location should not be seen as a reason not to participate.  Agenda’s of the meeting are released well ahead of the event itself, giving anyone in the industry the chance to contribute even if they aren’t able to attend.  The AMC also has its own blog that gives minutes of the meetings to be totally transparent of the goings on within the meeting – again giving all parties the chance to feedback on the discussion held around the table.  My team and I are also more than happy to help relay any opinions/issues our affiliate partners may have so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss!

Another key issue I think is really impacting on the AMC and its position is the general understanding of why it exists.  Many people I speak to in the industry believe it is only there to spit out rules and regulations that affiliates must abide by – which believe me is simply not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, the AMC has been fundamental in being the driving force behind setting in stone regulations such as the Voucher Code Guidelines, an amazing feat to get all key networks to agree to and actually enforce.  But this is not the only reason – if it was we wouldn’t get such a huge attendance every month!  Recently, a number of sub committees have been established, additional sessions are running to try and get smaller groups of attendees involved in key aspects the IAB AMC wants to achieve.  I believe that these alone highlight exactly what the AMC is trying to achieve, and showcases just how important we all think affiliate marketing is, and how critical in a still very difficult economic climate to continue to encourage brands to invest in the performance channel.  The committees include:

  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Best Practice
  • Regulation

See – only one of the above is actually about regulations!

Those of us involved in the industry know that it’s a fantastic one, and with the right strategy can really help add value and drive incremental volumes for merchants, but only together through initiatives like the AMC can we continue to prove its worth and build on brand investment to keep this great channel growing.

Get involved, it’s your industry too.

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