Mobile affiliate tracking; the ‘new’ telephone number?

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Affiliates tend not to like telephone numbers on merchant websites. Why? Well, because the user can convert without the affiliate getting any commission. There are ways around this, but in general, I’ll speak on behalf of affiliates and say they don’t really like them. Mobile Cookie Monster

Merchants have, or likely are, developing mobile, tablet and television specific versions of their desktop website. With a little user-agent detection, based on the users device, the user may be served or redirected to a different version of what you and I see on our desktops.

Big question I would be asking if I was an affiliate…

Is there tracking code?

Without tracking code on the m-commerce version of the merchants website, that traffic your generating or even buying may be disappearing into ‘thin air’. A recent post from Affiliate Window suggests that:

“…more than 1,000 transactions a day through mobile devices.”

Wowzer! 1,000 a day is a lot. With a conversion rate (CR) of “2% on average”, it only takes a simple Excel formula to determine how much mobile commission you are (loosely) generating.

How do I test a merchants website?

Download and install the User-Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox and set your user-agent (UA) as a mobile device. Visit a merchants website and look for a redirect or transformation of content to a ‘mobile’ formatted version. For example, if you set your UA as iPhone and visit ASOS, you’ll notice the redirect to ‘m dot’ – that’s the most common scenario for retailers. Don’t forget to test other user-agents too i.e. tablets (like the iPad).

Like merchants displaying telephone numbers, is mobile affiliate tracking impacting your commission? Merchants, has affiliate tracking been included in your mobile initiatives?

Two big questions posed to either side of the channel that should be addressed.

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