‘If you build it, they will come’. Why SEO needs creative thinking.

Posted on 07. Apr, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Catch A Choo Foursquare Campaign

Jimmy Choo Catch A Choo Foursquare Campaign

As Byron once said ‘Good workmen never quarrel with their tools’.  But what happens when those tools are continually changing, updating and even appearing? How does a good workman make the best of what’s at his disposal?

SEO today requires a creative mind, with the tool kit of the modern SEO manager changing faster than the typical user updating their smart phone wallpaper campaigns needs to be looking further afield than the typical keyword targeting. What would be the point in targeting a keyword with all your SEO elbow grease if the searcher is completely unaware of it?

As most SEO managers will agree there is a common misunderstanding by brands where by assuming that users out there in the wide expanse of the internet already know about you and as if by magic start typing your brand, product or generic keyword in to a search engine to find you. Many brands leave themselves in danger of missing out on all the opportunities a SEO campaign can offer.

We’ve always speculated that “citation” was being used by the engines in their ranking algo’s. Well now Google have said, through Matt Cutts, that positive social buzz is important for your rankings.

These changes mean that SEO and social media have become intrinsically linked. It is important for brands and clients to be working as hard on their social media campaigns as they do on their other, more traditional digital initiatives.

So, for me, this means that SEO and Creative need to come together. A successful SEO campaign will have a creative edge to it. A good example of this was the “Catch a Choo” campaign that Jimmy Choo ran over Foursquare. This was an incredibly successful campaign that was simple to create, and created significant chat across the social sphere. As a result of this single campaign, Jimmy Choo trended on twitter and saw some significant increases in their generic SEO rankings.

It takes a certain kind of person to be good at SEO. Methodical and analytical are two of the traits that were required. Well now we see ‘Creative’ as a trait that is required. People who are able to think outside of the box, forget about straight forward SEO and start thinking about wider campaigns, engaging in the social element, are the ones who are going to succeed today.

It’s no secret that SEO, and digital marketing, is moving faster than it ever was before. Word of mouth has become an important factor in success. Without being creative with your campaigns, people are not going to talk about your brand. Simply put, can you afford this to happen?

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