Google Instant Preview for PPC

Posted on 06. May, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Google Instant Previews PPC

Google Instant Previews PPC

Google has now released Instant Preview for paid search ads: as for natural search results, there is now an option to preview landing pages straight from the search results page.

Users will now be able to preview where clicking on the ad will take them, and will pre-qualify ads before clicking on them.

It is already well known how a relevant (and quick loading) landing page has a positive effect on quality score. Instant previews will make a relevant landing page even more important, as users are now able to quickly check where an ad will take them before even clicking on it.

Even though advertisers will continue to be charged per click, so that instant previews won’t have a direct impact on costs, we anticipate an impact on click through rates: advertisers with the most relevant landing pages will have a greater opportunity to capture clicks from qualified users. Less relevant landing pages are likely to have a negative impact on click through rates, which in the long run can have a negative impact on quality score and drive costs per click up.

In true and well-known Google fashion: relevancy is king (and will ultimately save you money)!

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