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I spent yesterday at Internet World at Earls Court 2. While I was there it seemed busy and buzzing. In particular I often noticed that the speaking sessions had not only filled every seat in the theatre but had a small crowd gathered around the entrance as people tried to watch from outside.

I used my time to shuffle around between some of the booths, pestering people to answer questions for my Internet World companies survey. I wanted to find out what digital companies at the Expo thought about a range of subjects; everything from Google, to Facebook’s commercial future, to ad exchanges and even HTML 5. Thankfully many people were happy to answer.

There are some important disclaimers before I publish the results of this survey; the results are in percentages, hardly anyone answered all eight questions with some of the more specialist ones receiving the most passes, I made sure not to question anyone hired just to maintain the stand for the day but many of the people I talked to probably don’t have permission to publicly represent the view of the company and, in fact it is possible some of the people I spoke to may inaccurately represent the view of their company.

Have agencies in the UK coped with Google’s Panda update?

Most people were able to answer this question – not just the marketing agencies. That suggests to me the Panda update is far more famous, better known, than most of the updates in recent years. I would suggest it is more widely talked about than the Caffeine infrastructure update.

Have we made enough progress in affiliate attribution in the last 12 months?

This turned out to be a tricky question which led many people to discuss their views on attribution and de-duplication. For every company that thought affiliates are hard done by there was another who thought otherwise.

Have the public lost confidence in the Cloud following recent high profile news stories?

Many of the “No” votes here came from people who suggested that the general public does not yet have a wide enough awareness of the Cloud in order to have lost confidence in it.

When will we see widespread HTML5 use?

At least one of the passes for the question came from someone who thought we’d never see widespread use of HTML5.

Can Microsoft compete with Google?

It was interesting to hear who people suggested might be able to compete with Google. Apple was suggested and a company no one has heard of yet but who hits on the next big thing was a fairly popular suggestion as well.

Will Facebook IPO in the next 12 months?

The debate here was whether Facebook would need to IPO compared to what else Facebook could do.

Does the SEO industry have a bad reputation?

I treated this question a little differently, marketing answers from SEO agencies with a little star. 100% of SEO agencies or digital marketing agencies who offered SEO thought the industry had a bad reputation.

Will Ad Exchanges completely re-write the display marketing landscape?

This was another specialist question that puzzled many. However, those people who had an opinion on Ad Exchanges were very opinionated. It’s certainly an interesting talking point for those in the know.

Internet World photos

One last thing before I sign off; here’s a quick collection of photos from Internet World this year.

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