Laureate smelleate?

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I was trying to leave the office last night when I received an email from Human Resources. You can imagine my reaction… but no, I didn’t accidently delete it again, since the subject promised exciting news I actually opened the darned thing.

What was this exciting news? We’d become Laureates.

I was not sure what to make of that.

Now, according to Wikipedia the word “laureate” signifies eminence with literary or military glory. Military glory, what, really? Us? Bigmouthmedia? Had those photos from our 2005 Christmas party finally leaked?

Turns out I was not a million miles out with my concerns about Christmas parties. As I forced myself to read deeper into the email the laureate mystery cleared up. We had won a top 50 position in the Great Place To Work award scheme. Since we’ve managed to do this for five consecutive years – not an easy task – we had been given the title of Laureate and added to the Hall of Fame.

I’ll admit that I still was not impressed. I just could not summon any enthusiasm for the award. I know this is a great company to work for, I know about beer Friday, about the atmosphere, rewards, sense of humour, dodgy taste in music and teams of experts trying to beat their fellow bigmouths in other client teams.

So, I went home and slept on it.

That’s when I worked it out. It’s the people who make the agency great; it’s their talent, their attitude and confidence as digital natives that matters. Vodka luges are just window dressing.

Talent attracts talent. If you’re good at digital marketing then you will want to work with other digital marketing people you can respect. You’ll want to work with people you’ll get on with in a pleasant atmosphere.

That’s why our busy bees in HR were right to be so happy about the Great Place To Work award and the Laureate status [PDF link] – because this sort of award helps us attract talent.

We’re hiring, you know.

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