Stay at Home Son, The Hangover 2 Influence Online

Posted on 02. Jun, 2011 by in Thoughts

I love comedy movies, and when I went to see Hangover 2, I cried with laughter when Alan (Zach Galifianakis) described himself as a “stay at home son”.

Intrigued by how much movies influence digital, I took my quest to Google looking to reveal who’s picked up on this memorable quote…

Works as stay at home son

Lamebook has a cracker; Facebook users updating their job status to “stay at home son”.

Stay at Home Son

Stay at Home Son wining Lamebook edition May, 30th.

Maybe LinkedIn will recognise “stay at home son” as an official occupation – even if it’s just for ‘the banter’.

Agile Creation

I found a T-Shirt website selling a tee with the “stay at home son” slogan printed on the front.

Stay at Home T-Shirt

Beautifully styled stay at home son tee with Alan print

If you’re like me, you go home and reminisce online over funny parts from the movie, you’ll search for quotes looking to read what others had to say. I applaud the T-Shirt company for their agile manner, quickly creating the slogan tee targeting these users and the ‘hype’ the movie generates.

It’s so often proven that those who are first to have presence online ‘rule the roost’. Using trends or topics from movies, television, radio etc to compliment your digital activities can be fruitful. Of course, you have to be agile enough to create and amplify your presence. Agility is a strong attribute of a good affiliate.

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