Pottermore’s secret revealed

Pottermore’s secret revealed

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Has Harry Potter something to do with Bigmouthmedia?

Bigmouthmedia has its Headquarters in the same city where Harry Potter was born, Edinburgh. In fact, the writer of this post was lucky enough to see JK Rowling in person at a local cafe in Bruntsfield.
But most importantly, BMM and JK Rowling are in the same business of unvealing misteries. We also have quite a few resident Digital Marketing Wizards of our own and are constantly looking out for new talent.

What is Pottermore?

JK Rowlings latest project is a close guarded secret, there is a countdown and the mystery is due to be reaveld today.

The site Pottermore.com was launched on Thursday 16th June 2011, containg just two owls and a ‘Coming soon’ sign.

The two owls took the Harry Potter fans to J.K. Rowling’s YouTube channel, with a countdown. The D-Day has finally arrived and the mistery was revealed at noon.

There is only one clear thing, Pottermore is not a new Harry Potter book.

Pottermore’s facts

The only thing we knew about Pottermore is that the famous Scottish author registered the term in a patent filed on 21st July 2009. So she has been cooking this surprise for almost 3 years now. All relevant TLDs have been registered for brand protection purposes.

Before the unvealing of the mystery there were strong rumours that Pottermore might be an online game in the form of a treasure hunt.

The online effect of Pottermore

I’m sure that Pottermore will become a trend on Twitter, and extremely popular in search engines.

Secret revealed

The countdown  is now over. Simply visit the JK Rowling’s YouTube channel to watch the announcement.

It seems that Pottermore will be a collaborative experience, where the stories of Harry Potter will be shaped not only by the Author, but by the millions of fans.

Pottermore will be open to the public by October 2011 but a lucky few will have early access to it and will help shaping the story.

The final advise from JK Rowling is: “follow the owl”.

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