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You hear these over and over again and they are the fundamentals of communicating through social media. It’s no longer about speaking at your consumers, but having a conversation with them.

On the 13th & 14th of June this month, myself and a colleague attended Social Media Results: From Engagement to ROI.

The speakers looked promising and I am always eager to know more about the ever changing world of social media: How are they doing it; am I doing it better; where can I improve and a few of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ moments.

There were very few ‘agency side’ attendee’s, so it was a really good opportunity to hear from the client side: how they run their social media teams in house, how most of them are expanding their teams and how they are learning as they go.

Some of the more common social media first learnings were re-emphasised:

  • Establish a tone of voice for your online communication
  • Don’t treat social media as an add on – for many companies, the cost of not doing social media is greater than the cost of doing it
  • Go where your audience is – don’t just join a platform because it’s there – take the time and do your research
  • Don’t just ask questions, do something with the feedback – build advocates who will sell your brand for you
  • It takes a while to build a fan base – don’t expect great success over night – set realistic goals and KPIs
  • Do less, better

People are less patient online these days; they can tell when a brand isn’t being genuine and you have to be careful, because a competitor is just one click away.

During a breakout session Emma Roffey from Cisco spoke about the increasing importance and power of video. She shared the fact that Cisco employees are no longer allowed to travel for internal meetings; all meetings are now done through video chat.

She said “text and images are no longer enough” and that 49% of people who purchased technology said that a video had affected their decision.

Other key topics touched on throughout the conference were:

  • Strategy: “Social Media strategies should include On Site, Off Site and Real World engagement”
  • Resource: Most mentioned they were under resourced and would be growing their team
  • Paid activity: Compliment your campaigns and profiles with Facebook Ads, Promoted tweets
  • Give to get: Share exclusive content
  • Be prepared for a crisis, so when it arises you can remain cool and calm - Tom Hall of Lonely Planet impressed me immensely when he explained how Lonely Planet made all of their mobile apps free so people could make travel and sleeping arrangements during the Ash Cloud of 2010.

Social search was briefly mentioned in regards to social media profiles tying into search results for users and their social circles. With the recent launch of Google +1 and Google’s increased focus on social search it’s becoming more and more important for company’s to have an established, influential and active social media presence tied into their marketing presence.

It’s all about the consumer.

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