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Online Marketing ShowMarketing Week live is a well renowned annual conference that brings together marketeers from all over the country.  This year was no different; held at Grand Hall, Olympia the exhibition hall was vast, encompassing all areas including In-Store, Data & Insight.  The key area for us bigmouths however was within the Online Marketing Show area, which as well as hosting 2 live arena’s where experts gave their opinions & experiences across a number of topics including search, display, affiliates & social media, was also the venue for newmediaage‘s Media Conference Hall.

I also had the pleasure of being part of one of the A4U sessions on Day 1 – the panel I sat on discussed at length the intricacies of retargeting, the areas you need to consider & where it should sit within your online marketing channels.  More at the end of the post!

We attended a number of great sessions and also had the chance to network around the exhibition hall, here are our key highlights:

  • Yahoo! & Experian Hitwise reiterated the importance of remembering marketing fundamentals – don’t just target the Influencers, they may not be your Buyers.  They also highlighted the continued relevance of MOSAIC profiling when trying to reach your users online.
  • Numerous sessions including trends in the market agreed that this really is the year of the mobile (at last!).  These included:
  • Mobile versions of sites should be fully up to date before any brands head down the app route
  • By 2013 mobile will be bigger than the normal web – if you’re not already using mobile, you should be!
  • An A4U Session specifically around the use of mobile in affiliate marketing:
  • Affiliate Window’s data records show that their affiliates alone generated over £3.5 million in May 2011 for merchants.
  • Debenhams showcased their award winning affiliate program trials with extending vouchers online, 43% of total sales across the campaign were driven by affiliates alone.  70% of the new customers captured were generated by affiliates.  Affiliates worked to an ROI of 4 times the amount of offline methods.
  • Attribution modelling was as ever a hot topic.  All speakers advised that in order to start working on an individual model that is right for each brand, you need to get your tracking correct across all your channels to make sure your attribution model is accurate. Only then can you start optimising to achieve optimal efficiency for your campaigns.
  • Some interesting data was shared across cross channel intricacies, with an average of 5 touch points across digital marketing channels before a conversion.
  • On social media specifically, up to 60% of conversions that come via social media involve at least one other digital channel.
  • And again the influence of display on search was proven:
  • Conversion:        Search Only = 30%
  • Conversion:        Search & Display = 45%

If you couldn’t attend my session, this is now available to watch online here:

You can check out the other A4U sessions at

Lastly, it was announced just before the event that newmediaage will no longer be a magazine publication, and will instead continue as an online only version of digital news.  There has been a lot of dissection of this sad news, but I wanted to note how gutted I was of this shift – although I live & breath online, I did rather enjoy my weekly printed gossip of everything in the industry.   RIP nma mags!

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