Jeremy Kyle Will Love Facebook’s ‘Expecting a Child’ Feature

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Love or hate The Jeremy Kyle Show, Facebook’s ‘Expecting a Child’ profile addition will likely fuel the ITV shows ‘digital debaucheries’ and make daytime television more pleasurable.

‘Expecting a Child’ Feature

End of July, Facebook introduced a new ‘Expecting a Child’ feature where users can edit their profile to announce their news stream about their baby-to-be. Once added, new-borns are added to the ‘Family’ section of a profile.

Facebook Child Profile Settings

How to add a child to your profile

Immediately after reading the announcement, my mind turned to Jeremy Kyle and his ITV show, and how Facebook plays a role in people’s problems.

Jezza and ‘Digital Debauchery’

The Jeremy Kyle Show is loved by us Brits. Whenever I catch an episode on a day-off or see Jeremy Kyle trending on Twitter, I have a gander to see what the story is about – the public just love chatting about the show and its guests, especially online.

Jeremy Kyle Head Shot

Facebook often features on the show. Without fail, whenever there is a love rat, family issue, argument, or an all-exciting DNA test, Facebook crops up.

For example… “Nut, nut, Chantel said that she seen a Facebook message from you telling Dougie you were in love when you’re meant to be seeing Basher!”

No doubt the ‘Expecting a Child’ feature will ignite Facebook’s inclusion in the show even further.


For example, girl finds out she is pregnant, updates her profile to show expecting child. Father-to-be does the same with his profile, receiving masses of congratulations. Later on, the male finds out he may not be the father as the girl slept with two other gentlemen (ahem) around the same time. Oh my, the drama – bring on the DNA test. Another scenario, couple are engaged to marry with child on the way and third-party male adds child as part of his ‘family’. I could go on, but you get the drift. Graham’s going to need to step in.

Great feature for announcing your new-born to friends, or are Facebook thinking ahead and by ‘playing along’, you are signing your child up for the social networking giant before it’s born? Either way, I think Jezza’s going to have a field day!

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  • Craig McDonald

    Speaking to a senior Facebook guy last week, apparently the reason it got added was that Mark Zuckerberg’s sister is expecting a baby…

    • Michael Thomson

      Nice! Thanks for sharing Craig. Love a bit insight into Facebook’s motivations… family!!!