Multi-Channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics

Posted on 25. Aug, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Google has announced the full release of Multi-Channel Funnels capability for Google Analytics, which has been in beta since early 2011.  The Multi-Channel Funnel reports provide new levels of campaign insight for advertisers in Google Analytics.

A customer’s route prior to a conversion will often include multiple interactions with a range of channels and keywords, and until this new release, conversions within Google Analytics have been solely attributed to the last click under a default setup.

The Multi-Channel Funnel Reports extend beyond this, tracking the visitor’s path across all marketing channels involved in the conversion process. By showing which channels and combinations of channels customers interact with over a 30 day period, the Multi-Channel Funnel data allows data driven answers to key campaign optimisation questions that have previously relied on guess work and assumptions.

The Multi-Channel Funnel sub-interface contains five reports that offer an extended view of the research to conversion cycle:

  • Overview gives a top level view of total conversions assisted one or more channels
  • Assisted Conversions shows the contribution that specific channels, campaigns or keywords have on conversions
  • Top Paths shows the campaign various campaign “touch points” that customers take on route to conversion
  • Path length shows the number of interactions that customers require prior to conversion
  • Time lag provides insight on the time it takes customers to convert between first and last click

A walkthrough of the Multi-Channel funnels can be found here:

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