Google Launches Product Snippets in UK

Posted on 31. Aug, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Google appear to have launched product Rich Snippets in the UK. They have previously only been available in the United States.

In the case below for Boots’ fantastically named Smoothies Soul Soother shower gel the “in stock” information appears to be generated from information in Boots’ Google Shopping feed.  The page does use structured product markup containing price information but it does not include information about stock levels.

Google Product Snippet

Google product rich snippet found in the wild

Previously in the UK, rich snippets on product pages have been restricted to review information.

This is a big update as it makes marking up products and including as much information as possible in product feeds genuinely worthwhile.  It’s been a good recommendation for some time anyway based on the fact that Google tends to bring other countries into line with US results eventually.

Richard Falconer


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  • The SEO Expert

    Fantastic move forward for e-commerce now Google will display snippets like this!

    I wonder if this will positively effect click through rates?

  • Anonymous

    It will almost certainly increase clickthrough rates, partly because of the increase in space taken up by the snippets and partly because the additional information means users know there’s a better chance of the page being useful.

  • vietnamvisa

    Interesting, thanks for sharing!