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Posted on 09. Sep, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Whilst sat on platform B at St Pancras waiting for a very delayed train northbound last night, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of poster positions that were still being used.

In an area of the station that didn’t have a mobile signal or wifi, it became clear that there was still very much a need for traditional forms of media. Not necessarily a revelation but the time gave me the chance to write this post.

On one level digital touches the traditional media channels already through digital TV, radio and those supposedly interactive posters you increasingly see. QR codes, augmented reality and near field communication all play their part in bringing these worlds together.

As a digital marketer, pretty much every day will include the phrases “cross digital or synergy” however it is often overlooked that “old school” media are still massive traffic drivers.

The IAB Search Council recently completed a marketing guide that focused on how traditional channels and digital, search in particular work together. In fact, integration goes beyond just media and as one would expect covers social and the site itself.

A few interesting facts from the study include;

  • only 28.7% of brands think that search is fully integrated
  • the banking sector see an average 10% increase in search due to ATL campaigns
  • 40% of buyers have used a search engine through the research process, helping to drive offline sales
  • the Radio Advertising Bureau found that radio can uplift online brand browsing by an average of 52%

What is clear is that regardless of the media channel used, search demand is almost certainly going to increase. For those that read our recent post about brand bidding in PPC, this research supports the conclusion that brand terms are a chance to capture every single search opportunity. Having control of the AdCopy also means that messages can, where needed, be synchronised.

So, what should you think about when planning your next offline campaign?

  • make sure your search team/agency know (advance warning is always good)
  • think about how you will track the online effectiveness of the campaign
  • look at whether your AdCopy needs to be refreshed
  • make sure your PPC budget has enough flex to handle a spike in search volume
  • share the results with the teams running both the search (and other digital) and offline activity
If you would like to see a copy of the Search Integration Guide, please contact your bigmouthmedia account manager.

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