Not blogging? 5 reasons why your fingers should be itching…

Posted on 12. Sep, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

From cave paintings to the printing press, humans have always used any technology at their disposal to communicate. Why? We’re not too sure. But it does drive commerce.

As technology evolves, so too does communication. And no business can ignore the way digital has revolutionised the way we interact with each other and with brands.

Blogging (and microblogging) is an increasingly important part of the social web. And if you’re not blogging now, you should be.



57 million people read and follow blogs*. That’s a massive audience. And if you’re not blogging, it’s an audience you’re not engaging.

• More than 12 million adults maintain a blog**. So there’s a lot of blogs out there to link-to and who could link back to you, increasing your authority and boosting your SEO ranking.

65 per cent of businesses now operate an active blog***. Can you afford not to blog, when the competition’s getting wordy?

• In the semantic web, content is king. A regularly updated, interest-rich blog will give search engines more content to crawl and could help boost your organic search ranking.

• Webpages work best with 250 words or less. Blogs can be longer, and just as effective. Giving you more room to push your brand or products and the freedom to pick up on trending topics as and when they happen.




Done well, a company blog earns its crust by performing as a hard-working social and SEO presence that drives web and sales success.

Written well, a company blog provides a showcase of original and engaging brand-savvy media content.

Linked well, a company blog attracts and features authority boosting links which, in turn, improve organic search rankings.

Plugged well, a company blog provides brand- and visibility-boosting consumer engagement through book-marking, feed subscriptions, shares, likes and retweets.

Not blogging?

Get in touch with our media content team and let our bigmouths do the blogging.

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