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It’s Social Media Week 2011 this week (19 to 23 September!) and our event is all about “What’s next in blogging”. Along with our event, we’ll publish a post each day on the looking at various aspects and considerations of blogging – from corporate functions to best practice.

If you’re not sold on blogging, it’s time to get itchy fingers. A third of Fortune 100 firms blog, and even more plan to. Find out how and why the world’s biggest businesses blog, with bigmouthmedia.

Social Media Week bigmouthmediaLast year, 79 per cent of the Fortune 100 were using at least one social media tool, with the majority turning to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and … yes, you’ve guessed it … company blogs.

According to the number crunchers at Burson Marsteller, around 33 per cent of Fortune 100 firms – the world’s biggest money makers – already have an established and well-oiled company blog.

And even more have blogging firmly in their sights.

Why are the Fortune 100 blogging?
The world’s gone social, and the Fortune 100 have followed quick-sharp. On average, the world’s hottest firms are tweeting 27 times a week, posting to Facebook 3.7 times a week and releasing 10 YouTube videos a week.

And they’re blogging too. In fact, 33 of the Fortune 100 now blog 60 per cent more than they did last year.

Why? They’ve realised a company blog can help boost SEO performance, engage with customers, encourage trust, up authority and show-case top-class content.

These money-makers have a nose for a bargain and an eye for the next big thing, it’s little surprise they’ve been quick on the uptake when it comes to blogging.

The biggest Fortune 100 bloggers:
China Mobile’s using its blog to highlight its research and development advances and its thought leadership, while IBM’s got over 80 – yes 80! – company blogs on the go.

Is blogging really helping the Fortune 100 make mega-bucks?
Running display ads on a popular blog helps bring in revenue, but the Fortune 100 have realised blogging’s a valuable multi-tasker too.

It’s been estimated that the world’s currently spending 110 billion minutes on social networking and blogging sites – making blogging (and micro-blogging) a super-valuable platform for businesses looking to court existing customers, and woo new ones.

And with 57 million people currently reading blogs, company blogs are hitting up a massive global audience.
What’s more, web experts have also said one bad review on a social platform can cost a business 30 customers. So ignoring social – and blogging – just doesn’t make good financial or business sense.

Blog like a Fortune 100 firm:

Blog Often…
The web-savvy know posting relevant, keyword-rich, cross-linked content helps boost SEO. That’s why they’re blogging, on average, seven times a month*. Think seven’s your lucky number? Think again. If you’re a small fish in a crowded pond, you‘re going to have to swim even harder and faster than the big fish to make any ripples.

Know your market
More people read blogs than re-tweet and comment about them. You have to know and blog with these digital-savvy readers, comment-leavers and re-tweeters in mind – so you can give them exactly what they‘re looking for and they can share it with the web.

Give customers what they want, before they know they want it
It’s not enough to post often. You have to post quickly too. Time is money. And if you’re blogging about a trending topic, you need to blog sooner rather than later.

Speculate to accumulate …
Everyone can string a sentence together. But few people write well and even fewer write well for the web. Getting the right person for the job is pivotal – and that’s why more Fortune 100 firms are putting professional bloggers and web-savvy SEO copywriters on the payroll. Having a dedicated blogger means someone’s there to content plan, write, schedule, format and publish posts – so execs don’t have to miss that meeting to capitalise on a trending story.

Get social …
The big firms are using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as blogs. And you should be too. Make sure your blog has social plug-ins and that you promote your latest posts and drive readers to your blog using social media.

More on blogging?
Want to know more about blogging like a Fortune 100? Join our social media team and other industry pros at Social Media Week 2011 and find out what’s new in blogging at Glasgow‘s swish Blythswood Square Hotel on 22nd September.

Or get in touch with our media content team and let our bigmouths get blogging for you.

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