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Posted on 20. Sep, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

It’s Social Media Week 2011 – and spotlight is on blogging. You might know your hashtags from your status updates, but don’t forget to optimise your blog for social sharing. Read on and find out how to make comments, social platforms and those all-important plug-ins work for your blog.

Studies have shown that companies who don’t have a Twitter account are less tweeted about. Lesson: you should be using social tools – because your customers definitely are.

If you’re not on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – or you’re not managing your accounts often and well – now’s the time to get social-savvy. And while you’re thinking socially, don’t forget to optimise your blog for social sharing.

Optimising your blog for social sharing:

  • End with a question: Just like (good) soaps end with a cliffhanger, good blogs end with a question to prompt readers to engage and answer.  Ending with a question makes readers feel involved and welcome to leave a comment.
  • Tweet and Facebook your blog posts: Let your social circles know all about your latest efforts by Tweeting and Facebooking about your blog. Strategic tweets and status updates can have a visibility-boosting ripple effect.
  • Use plug-ins: Social buttons and plug-ins help drive traffic to your blog by enabling readers to share with their social circles. Friend recommendations rate more highly than marketing efforts with the average consumer. So it makes sense to harness the power of girl-chat and boy-talk.

Get sociable with social too
It’s not just about optimising your blog for social sharing. You can also boost your blog by getting sociable yourself. Outreach to other bloggers, encourage them to do guest-posts on your site and don’t forget to work a blog-roll.

Want to know more about blogging?
Want to know more about blogging or social media?

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