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Posted on 21. Sep, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

It’s Social Media Week 2011 and the spotlight’s firmly on blogging. If you’re not blogging already, you should be.

And even if you do have a business blog, you really should be blogging with the professionals. Why? Read on and find out.

Everyone (well… almost everyone) can string a sentence together. But few people write well. And even fewer write well for the web.

You wouldn’t use chip-fat to power your Ferrari. And you shouldn’t leave your blog in un-trained hands.

But everyone can write … can’t they?

Well yes … and no. Everyone can write. But even professional copywriters and certified type-monkeys can stumble over blogging.

Blogging’s not just about writing compelling copy that engages consumers. It’s also about blending SEO-savvy, web knowledge and analytics to identify topics and optimise blogs for search and for searchers.


Yes, really.

That’s why more and more companies are investing in blogging by putting copywriters and bloggers on their payroll.

Ok, so why do I need professional bloggers again?

  • They strategise and plan – so you don’t have toBloggers aren’t flaky creatives. Honest. They have to strategise and plan ahead to make sure that your company blog’s right on top of the topics and trending opportunities it should be shouting about and capitilising on the links and cross-links that will help drive results.
  • They know how to craft copy that works hard for your brandCompany blogging’s more complicated than getting your brand voice right. It’s about knowing how to blend your corporate messaging with the more relaxed, informal style readers expect.  And it’s not just about brand-savvy content. Web-users have high expectations. A single spelling mistake or a rogue comma could cost your brand dearly in the credibility stakes. In fact, one big businessman’s said spelling errors could wipe thousands off your bottom line.
  • They’re SEO savvy – and that drives results  Say SEO and most people think links and keywords. But in today’s semantic web, blogging’s a much more complex kettle of fish.  To blog well for SEO you’ll need to pick topics with real trending potential and optimise titles, body content, keywords, categories, meta, images and more.  What’s more, blog content has to be readable and engaging to rate in semantic search and magnetise traffic.
  • They have the time to blog – when you don’tLunch might be for wimps. And you might think that meeting can wait. But most companies end-up letting their blog slide to deal with pressing matters, number crunching and business meetings. Frequent posting’s a must for corporate blogs. Professional bloggers always have time to blog. Meaning the job gets done … and it gets done well.

Want to know more about blogging?

Want to know more about blogging or get blogging with the professionals?

Watch out for our social media team’s at Social Media Week 2011 highlights and
get in touch with our media content team and let our bigmouths talk you through corporate blogging.

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