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It’s Social Media Week 2011 and the web’s literati are talking blogging. Blogging badly? Don’t Panic. Read on and find out why your blog’s not working … and how to fix it.

Blogging badly? If you’ve got low viewer numbers, fewer comments and miniscule display ad revenues, don’t panic. Stay calm, keep reading, self-diagnose and improve with our guide to why your blog’s just not working.

So, why is your blog not working?

• You don’t know your audience

You might have researched your target market, but have you fully profiled your digital audience? The average person who visits your site may be totally different person from the one who reads you blog. You need to know both, intimately. And you need blog content that caters for both.

• Your content’s just not engaging

Are you keeping things interesting? Are you blogging about trending news, celebs and hot topics? Are you ending posts with a question to engage your reader? No? Then you’re content’s just not engaging or compelling enough.

• You’re trying too hard

Wall-to-wall adverts? Pushy messaging? Cramming links? You’re selling too hard – and it’s putting-off readers. Blog readers, unlike searchers, aren’t demanding content – they’re investigating. Don’t rush or force them.

• Your presentation’s all wrong …

It’s not just what you write. It’s how you present it. A wall of copy’s intimidating, not to mention a stone-cold turn-off. You’re probably not breaking copy into sections or using bolding, colour and bullet points to your advantage.

• You’re showing your hand too early

Do you have every post stuck to the front page? Yep – you’re showing your hand way too early, and you’re leaving less room to show-off and get people reading older posts. Instead, you should be leaving readers wanting and clicking for more. Post a title, image and summary – and then pop on a more button.

• You’re not blogging often or fast enough …

Blogging often’s key to performance. If you’re not blogging often enough, search engines won’t be crawling regularly for updated content and you’re SEO rankings won’t do as well. And if you’re not blogging quickly enough about trending topics, you’ll be disappointing readers, looking less authoritative and missing out on social updates and retweets.

• You’re not making it easy for readers to share …

Got no social plug-ins? No Facebook, Google+ or Twitter buttons? Comments disabled? Yup – you’re not making it easy enough for readers to share content with their social circles and drive traffic from within their friends and contacts. And you probably won’t be utilising social media to promote your blog posts either.


Don’t panic. Beautiful butterflies and mighty oaks are all made from bad blogs. Use analytics to find out what’s working best, use keyword research to identify trending topics, use SEO copy principles to get your words working and use social media to get buzz-building and traffic-driving.

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