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Social Media Week 2011 is raising the profile of all things social, but when can your business blog become more or a hindrance than a help? There’s such a thing as TMI for business, as some brands are sure to learn at their peril.

There’s no doubt a blog can offer your business the ideal platform to connect with consumers and potential clients, but as with anything powerful, it needs to be wielded with care.

Blogs are designed to allow you to communicate with people quickly and honestly, able to declare yourself as a business and be open about your intents – whether it be to sell your own services or merely drive brand recognition – this is an area you have the ability to control, ideal if there are things you want to share that just aren’t suitable for your homepage.

Specialist knowledge
So who is going to be reading your blog?

If you’re in retail or travel, it could be consumers looking for inspiration. If you’re a service-driven company, it could be clients hoping for a few free hints from the specialists. Either way, who better to hand out the specialist knowledge that then people who know about it most?

If you have an in-house expert, they can be the biggest asset your blog can ask for – authority. And if their writing skills aren’t up to scratch, a good copywriter can always spin their straw into literary gold.

The personal touch
Even when it comes to business blogs, it can be the personal touch that makes them enticing for readers. Who doesn’t want to know what’s going on behind the scenes? Especially if it’s at a particularly quirky or interesting company.

If your blogger already has an online presence, they’re likely to also already have an audience, who’re going to be looking for more of the same individual writing style.

TMI! The blog’s not the place
That said, there’s personal, and then there’s too personal. Just look what happened to Penelope Trunk, who’s live blogging on Twitter of a miscarriage caused controversy across the web.

A professional in the social networking sphere, Trunk had no idea her comments would provoke such as strong reaction – or that so many people would take offence to this particular piece of information when they’d been fine with many other personal details in the past.

Your blog is your brand
The most important thing to remember is that while your blog allows you to be more immediate and upfront than many other communications, that doesn’t mean you should allow your mouth to run away from you.

Your business blog is your brand, not your personal stomping ground – so keep your personal opinions and your professional world as down the line and sensitive as you can. Do you really want to associate your business with the ‘worst hangover EVER’ or the dodgy curry you ate last week?

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