Knowledge, Fish and Crocodiles in Karlskrona

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Today bigmouthmedia/LBi teams and select clients from the UK, US and the Nordics came together at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden to explore the meaning and application of ‘blending’ in our creative/digital marketing industry.

We’ve now taken our first baby steps into understanding how to create greater efficiencies for our business and for our clients. Over three intensive days of fun and training we’ll learn to design the methods we need for greater integration within our creative, strategy, marketing and technology teams.

So far we have:

  • Learned a new way to learn by escaping crocodiles
  • Learned about each other through smelly fish
  • Explored new trends and new business models to fit our changing world with experts including Åsa Silfverberg, Roger Sjögren, Alan Moore and David Erixon

LBi at Hyper Island Master ClassMy favourite anecdote of the day was from Alan Moore, discussing the local town markets in England. They once were a place for people to come together, do business and have fun. The town markets were located 15 miles apart because humans can travel no more than 30miles in a day. I love the idea that in this new modern world we can create an engaging online experience for customers by returning to an interesting local market where people ‘meet, dance and do commerce’.

So what are the main take-away’s so far?

  • Companies need to change to survive. For those who don’t like change – think about the alternative!
  • The ‘value chain’ model is not about value, it’s about cost and supply
  • True value is in the desired outcome of the customer and as such it is subjective, negotiated and highly emotional
  • By understanding the above, and by anticipating our customer’s desired outcome, we can move from meeting customer expectations to really innovating and shaping those expectations

Learning at Hyper Island Sweden Hyper Island has been an amazing experience so far. The learning centre was created in 1995 to offer students and organisation a different kind of education for the growing new media industry. The focus for us as a business is very much on learning through analysis of different situations and scenarios followed by periods of reflection to understand how the things we’ve studied relate directly to ourselves.

Day one has come to a close but in true bigmouthmedia/LBi fashion the party continues on. Stay tuned to find out what happens in day two.

LBI at Hyper Island Work Hard and Play Hard

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