The Magic, Mix and Mystery of Hyper Island

Posted on 01. Oct, 2011 by in Digital Marketing, Thoughts

As day two at the LBi Hyper Island Master Class comes to a close we begin to reflect on the day’s events to make sense of what we’ve learned.

Today has surpassed all expectations we may have had. Instead of a series of seminars and workshops, the bulk of the day was dedicated to applying learning from the previous day to real life situations.

Hyper Island ItineraryWe have used horizontal business thinking (not siloed) to create value for our customers and clients. The output…? Give away sanitary towels and lock in your (menstruating) customer. Sell a badge of honour, not plasters – because scars are tattoos with a better story. Don’t focus on disability support; focus instead on integration with society by removing language barriers. Exciting stuff!

For clients (existing and new) we were tasked with identifying their context:

  • Desired outcomes
  • Identifying/shaping the marketplace
  • Defining the type of business we are in e.g. we’re not in the business of selling plasters or band-aids, we’re in the business of ‘facilitating adventures’ (aka risky experiences that result in minor injuries)

Once we had identified their context we could explore the realities of people who share those experiences; from before our proposed solution/service/product, to the time where they buy what our clients have to offer, to what happens afterwards.

By gaining an understanding of these realities for our customers, we could then focus on removing waste and engaging with our audiences early. In this way we can design holistic, long term experiences that will deliver their desired outcome – regardless of product(s).

Hyper Island ClassroomWhen we were asked this morning to reflect on day one, clients called us brave for inviting them in on this process. In effect we are really ‘airing dirty laundry’ (aka ‘stinky fish’) in order to focus on what is good and effective so we can work towards a mutually beneficial end. In reality, all we are is a group of intelligent, creative and – thanks to Hyper Island – inspired individuals who are motivated to do the best we can do, together.

The mix (inter-agency and agency/client collaboration) does work, and the magic really does seem to be ‘all in the blend’.

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