Blending isn’t a Concept, it’s a Movement

Posted on 03. Oct, 2011 by in Digital Marketing, Thoughts

Our Hyper Island Master Class has come to an end. The intense and enjoyable learning experience in Karlskrona leaves us with the powerful feeling that we can be positive agents for change in LBi. This cult-like statement is perhaps a direct result of how open we became to a different way of thinking offered to us by our teachers.

Jonathan Briggs at Hyper IslandWe had the honour of working with David Erixon and Jonathan Briggs, who are two of the three Hyper Island founders. As a whole we agreed that David especially is one of those individuals that provoke you to think and inspire you to do amazing things. David – in the unlikely event you ever tire of all those wonderful projects you are working on we’d like to adopt you into the LBi family so you can work with us!

Over the weekend we each came to the conclusion that we can develop our concept of blending to ensure we work:

  • In collaboration with each other
  • In partnership with our clients
  • On behalf of our shared customers towards a mutually beneficial end for all.

This ‘win-win’ ideal is not new of course, but one we agreed would ensure our jobs and lives are more rewarding and fun. This would create a community around us that we could all identify with and want to be a part of. By co-creating innovative and enjoyable experiences for customers, then we too can enjoy the resulting rewards.

Co-creating at Hyper IslandWe now realise blending isn’t a concept or a particular way of working – it’s a movement, one that starts with all of us here and at home and must gain momentum to spread through our workplace. It’s only going to work if we all join in.

For now, after working hard and playing harder, we’re all a more than a bit tired and can’t wait to get back so we can catch up with all the things our colleagues, friends and families have been up to in our absences.

Thank you to our new friends at Hyper Island for such a wonderful learning experience. We promise to stay in touch.

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