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It’s official. Blogs, news and web copy are driving SEO results – especially as more major search engines get content-savvy and user-experience orientated. Read on and find out how and why blogs, news and web copy are really ramping-up rankings.

Most folk know that content counts – but, when budgets are getting squeezed and belt buckles tightened, quality content-writing services can be the first- thing businesses scrimp on.

Though, according to the folks at Brafton*, cutting copy can be a real false economy – especially in the post-Panda web, as search engines look deeper into blogs, news, web copy and other forms of content for rank-boosting quality signals.

In fact, content’s so big a priority, those folks whipped up a shiny new infographic letting the world know that content is king – and giving us media content writers and SEO copywriters more reason to smile over the top of our keyboards.

See …

Snazzy, isn’t it?

But what it doesn’t tell you is just how blogs, news and web copy works to ramp-up rankings. So, it’s lucky you’re reading on …

Web copy

… on-page content that guides users and encourages conversions

There’s no value in directing a user to a page that’s got no content on – or worse, has content that’s difficult to understand, badly written and chock-filled with errors. A leading businessman earlier this year quipped that a single spelling error could cost a retailer millions by dampening consumer confidence. Which perhaps explains why, according to Brafton, 92 per cent of marketers said content creation is either “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for SEO.

Well-written content that’s easy to read, features relevant links and has been written with primary and secondary keywords in mind ranks better under Panda, meaning better natural search results, improved visibility and better conversions.

Blogs …

… ready-to-share, quick-to-surface content that influences consumer spending

So … why are blogs brilliant for SEO?

Done well, blogs …

  • increase authority – and up rankings – using author snippets and author attributes
  • surface within seconds to give an immediate keyword presence
  • update content and encourage search engines to crawl and index more frequently
  • feature in web, blog and news search to boost visibility
  • cover a variety of topics and help sites rank for a wider range of competitive keywords
  • easily adopt long-tail keywords that are hard to drop in on page, where space is at a premium
  • are interesting, engaging and capitalise on trending topics to encourage social sharing, which sends valuable quality signals to search engines
  • encourage users to subscribe and link, which helps enhance search results

… And how does that help businesses pull in profit?

Increased visibility and better organic rankings are a real golden ticket for businesses looking to capture and convert web traffic. But, according to Brafton’s newest infographic, blogs don’t just make rankings rocket – they boost bottom lines too.

In fact …

  • 52 per cent of consumers say blogs impact their purchase decisions
  • 57 per cent of marketers say their blogs bring them more customers
  • 43 per cent of shoppers say they look to blogs and articles before they buy

If the customer’s always right – and they’re sold on blogging – surely business should be too. Especially since the Fortune 100 – the world’s biggest money makers – are big on blogging as well.

News …

… relevant, authority boosting content that capitalises, fast, on trending material

Today’s tabloids might be tomorrow’s chip-paper, but news is definitely much more valuable on the web. 27 million pieces of online content are shared daily – and you can bet a fair few of that number are news articles, as more people are turning from print to the web for their news.

But … how do news services perform for SEO?

  • Adding at least one news article a day encourages search engines to crawl and index more frequently
  • Covering trending topics can allow sites to exploit spikes in searched for terms and make the most of a small and time-sensitive window of opportunity
  • Featuring news relevant to a target audience can encourage social sharing, which sends quality signals to search engines
  • Covering a wide range of topics allows a site to rank for more competitive keyword terms
  • Timely, well written articles can appear in Google News to boost visibility and position a company as an authority on its industry
  • Unlike articles supplied by generic news services, custom-written news articles come with a byline and can use “rel me” attributes – to send even more quality signals to search engines

More on blogging, news and web-copy …

Want to know more about blogging, news or web-copy. Just get in touch with our media content team and let our bigmouths do the talking.

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