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Posted on 09. Nov, 2011 by in Stats & Trends

Following on from our blog on the 28th October, regarding Google’s intention to encrypt organic searches for all signed in users, it appears that Matt Cutts’ initial prediction that the percentage of keywords reported with (not provided) would be within a single digit, appears to be a little wide of the mark.

The graph below demonstrates the percentage of (not provided) keywords being reported over a 12 day period for 10 randomly chosen accounts with daily traffic ranging from 500 to >100,000 visits.

The data was taken from the same keyword report, with the same applied constraints (filtered by Google only, US based (GEO-IP), non-paid search keywords).

The number of (not provided) keywords was sitting between 0.2% and 4% for most accounts prior to the 31st October. After this date, there is a significant shift in the (not provided) traffic; rising beyond 20% for some clients by the 3rd November.

As yet, there is no official word from Google, however it seems that the first 2 weeks after the announcement were something of a settling in period and chance for Google to test the water. During which, the online community have been getting to grips with the changes,  with various users venting significant anger at the thought of little or no keyword data available in SEO keyword reports.

The 31st October clearly marked a big step in the roll out phase for Google. Where there were major shifts, it appears that they moved from the testing-the-water stage to pushing the big red button and switching on encrypted search for everyone using while signed into an account.

It remains to be seen whether or not the growth in not provided traffic has peaked or there will be further spikes as the rollout continues.

Websites with predominantly non-US traffic still have this change to look forward to; however there is no announcement about the roll-out to Google’s other domains as yet.

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  • Guest

    Lying cutts.

  • Optilead

    Looking at the stats of some UK sites the ‘not provided’ keyword is becoming ever more popular, still single digit on most sites but Google+ gaining popularity will only increase this.