Dear Delicious, Please add rel=”me”

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A plea to Delicious to add the rel=”me” attribute, enabling Google to annotate Delicious bookmarks in its personalised search results.

Delicious post-it note to self

Update One & Two: Delicious replied and added profile links.

Dear Delicious,

Im a long term bookmarker and have been fan of Delicious for some time now. Consuming so much information daily, I began forgetting valuable sources of content, negatively impacting my “digital” lifestyle; that’s where Delicious not only serves me as a way to save my digital memories, but with others of a similar interest. That to me is Delicious’ greatest selling point, along with ease of use and trusty Firefox add-on.

Social Search

When I heard Google was beginning to annotate personalised search results with content shared from social networks like Delicious, I was first to sign-up to Google+ and list my Delicious profile.

Much to my disapointment, it was apparent that Delicious doesn’t enable Google to create such annotations due to the lack of a hyperlink from my public Delicious account to my Google+ profile – with rel=”me” incorporated. That made me very sad.

I want to be able to bookmark and share on Delicious, so when I search Google, be reminded by annotations that I bookmarked those website.

I don’t ask for much, but within your (suspected) hectic development timeline, please consider this plea by enabling links to public profiles with the rel=”me” attribute embedded so that our friends at Google can see user’s reciprocal relationship and make that “bookmark-to-search connection”. Then, I and the millions of other Delicious users can be reminded when they search Google that they bookmarked that website on Delicious for a reason, helping to better shape ones browsing experience.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Thomson

Fingers crossed Delicious and other bookmarking alternatives hear this plea and act. Google plays an important role too, so Im hoping they “play ball” too.

Update One

I emailed Delicious about the suggestiong and they’ve got back to me with the following:

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your feedback. I will pass this on to the development team and see where it goes from there. We’re working on lots of different new features right now so it may be a while, or if this is an addition that’s in line with some development going on right now, it may be soon.
Stay tuned!

Fast response. I have faith!

Update Two

Low and behold, Delicious now show your public website from your profile.

Bigmouth Link on Delicious Profile

Link to bigmouthmedia on our Delicious profile - job well done.

Rel=”me” isn’t appended, but Im happy my cause never fell on deaf ears. Thank you Delicious for your swift response and fast acting development team. Kudos all round!

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