10 Great Examples of Creative Google+ Brand Pages

Posted on 17. Nov, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

It was less than 2 weeks ago since Google finally released Google+ pages for brands and businesses. Just like a Facebook fan page, brands can now engage with users on yet another platform, with photos, posts and even video calls using the Hangout feature. For many, the debut is quite limited though – for example you can’t transfer pages to new owners, or have multiple admins…yet.

So which brands were quick out of the traps? Here are 10 well designed Google+ Brand pages which set tongues wagging at bigmouth – just click each title to go directly to the Google+ page;

1. The Muppets

Colours galore from a beautiful looking page, and if you were one of the first to +1 their page, you also had the chance to video chat with Miss Piggy, using the Hangout feature.

The Muppets Google+ Brand Page

2. Macy’s

Macy’s are one of the first retail brands to dive straight into a Christmas theme. The colour of the Macy’s logo works well with a festive colour palette.

Macy's Google+ Brand Page

3. Pepsi

Pepsi have interestingly gone for the music angle over the last week. Their slogan on the Google+ page is now “Where there’s music, there’s Pepsi”. With the launch of Google Music in the last 24 hours, Pepsi look to be ahead of the game.

Pepsi Google+ Brand Page

4. Nissan

Nissan are one of the first brands to take advantage of animated gifs, which gives the impression the Nissan car is driving across the Google+ page. It gets a +1 from us.

Nissan Google+ Brand Page

5. Google Chrome

You would expect Google to make the most of their own functionality, and their Google Chrome page doesn’t disappoint.

Google Chrome Google+ Brand Page

6. Angry Birds

Creating a Google+ page was always going to be fun for the Angry Birds team. No animated GIFs, but a colourful array of birds and a nervous pig tell their story well.

Angry Birds Google+ Brand Page

7. Red Bull

More animated GIFs from Red Bull, “giving Wings to people and ideas”.

Red Bull Google+ Brand Page

8. Carlsberg

Nice continuous advertising theme, with consistent colours make the Carlsberg page eye catching.

Carlsberg Google+ Brand Page

9. Hugo Boss

Slick style for a slick brand. Nicely done by Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss Google+ Brand Page

10. Android

Clever use of images create an Android head peeking out through the pictures. Each picture represents a version of the Android platform. Nicely done!

Android Google+ Brand Page

Do you have a favourite Google+ brand page? Feel free to share it with us! You might also want to check out the Mashable post on Facebook pages vs. Google+ pages.

By Simon Heyes

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