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Posted on 30. Nov, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Forget Panda. Google’s latest algo overhaul – Google Fresh – means that well written, well-timed and regularly updated blogs and news services are more valuable than ever before. If you’re not blogging already, read on for 4 ways to get fresh with blogging and more about Caffeine, Fresh and how search is shifting.

Like Coffee, Love Caffeine:

Even if you don’t like coffee, you should learn to love Caffeine, as it’s Google’s Caffeine technology that is powering Fresh and will see blog articles feature even more prominently across blog, news and universal web search moving forwards.

Caffeine – Google’s next generation web-indexing search infrastructure – prioritises recently published content over static or outdated content for specific searches, meaning a well-timed blog on a trending topic will now be more likely to appear in top-page search results than an average webpage would.

As a result, a well-worded, well-timed blog will be more likely to feature prominently in the search results, and drive traffic and unique visitors to site.

The Caffeine Hit:

G man Amit Singhai blogged earlier this month that Caffeine/Fresh will have an impact on a massive 35 per cent of web searches. But the Caffeine Hit could be even bigger, meaning blogging and news services just became a solid strategic investment for businesses looking to hold onto or boost their organic search rankings.

Is Bing getting fresh too?

It’s not just Google that’s getting fresh with content. Bing’s top brass recently let slip that content is king – but only if that content is well written, keyword rich engaging and fit for purpose.

In fact, Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager at Bing said: “Content is king, but not all content is fit to rule.

“What the engines seek is compelling, unique content… Your job is to create content so compelling that visitors to your site feel no need to look elsewhere to have their needs met.”

4 ways to blog for Fresh:

  • Blog Frequently
    Blogging frequently has always been advisable. But in the wake of Fresh, blogging frequently will become vital – especially if you’re blogging about technology, fashion, entertainment or lifestyle related topics. Before Fresh, the Fortune 100 blogged on average 7 times a month. Now, posting less than 8 blogs a month seems lazy and ill advised.
  • Anticipate what’s trending
    That psychic six sense might elude us, but it is possible to anticipate what’s trending before it’s happened. Make sure that your blog is more likely to appear in search results by blogging about relevant releases, conferences or launches before they happen. For example, if you’re a tech blogger or a tech business – why wait for the iPad 3 to launch, when you could write a blog on its rumoured specs, buzz-build and drive interested traffic ahead of a speculated launch date?
  • Make sure blog content is social-savvy
    Fresh will boost your blog’s potential to reach new customers. So it’s vital that your blog is well written and engaging, ends with a question and features social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of every post. That way, new users will be more likely to stay on page and share the content with their social circles. Meaning your blog could be exposed to a bigger audience and could feature more prominently in social search results.
  • Don’t scrimp on detail
    Under Fresh, reviews that go into more detail about specs and so on will rank higher than general reviews or less detailed reviews. So, if you’re reviewing a game, restaurant, hotel or more for your business blog, don’t be scared to go into great detail. And don’t shy away from doing your research – it could pay dividends.

Have you noticed a difference since Fresh rolled out? Or have you changed the way you blog to give your site a Caffeine boost? What are your top tips for blogging for Fresh?

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