No. 1 – SEO Advent Tip

Posted on 01. Dec, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Welcome to the bigmouthmedia SEO Advent Calendar. Where you might not get a piece of chocolate but you’ll still get a bite sized treat.

Job Posting Mark-Up: It’s a good job we’ve got Schema

You might have seen all the increased chatter about the markup and the impact it’s having on the appearance of rich snippets within each of the search engines (To see some of them in action check out our other post on the topic: A Rich (Snippets) History).

What you might not have heard of though is one of the latest additions to the Schema list – ‘job postings’.

Google recently announced the launch of the new markup type through the development of the Veterans Job Bank, a job search engine created specifically for US military veterans.

The site, currently still at Beta stage, pulls those jobs relevant for army veterans into one central portal from sites which have added the rich snippets job posting mark-up to tag jobs as suitable for veterans.

What impact could this have on search?

Whilst it’s only just been launched the jobs mark-up has the potential to give webmasters far more control of how their jobs listings appear in the search engines. Rather than having to click through to the job board and then search the jobs on the site (if the rich snippets appear correctly) users will be able to view relevant vacancy details such as base salary and location on the search engine itself. This will then help to shorten the time users spend searching for a suitable job.

If you’ve already added the rich snippets markup to your site and you would like to see if it’s been successful then you can also use Google’s rich snippets testing tool.

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