No. 12 – SEO Advent Tips

Posted on 12. Dec, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Day 12 of the bigmouthmedia SEO Advent Calendar. You can read day 11 here.

Think Christmas comes only once a year? Not so when it comes to SEO. Keep your seasonal pages strong all year round with advice from bigmouth.

Christmases come and go, but pages should stay the sameHolly Jolly SEO Xmas

Christmas may come but once a year, but businesses looking to make the most of the holiday rush should keep their Yuletide pages throughout the year.

As with any holiday season or time-specific event – summer holidays, mid-term breaks, etc – you’ll be looking to make the most of people heading online during peak search periods. But did you know that keeping the same pages in place year after year will only serve to improve your SEO performance come next Easter, Fringe Festival or Hogmanay?

Web pages accrue authority over time – and ditching a page after a specific event will only serve to cut loose the authority the page has acquired. So, while you may not want to feature your Christmas Bargain Sale page at the height of British summer, you’ll still want to keep it in your hierarchy.

Simply keeping your page around, however, is not a fix-all for rising the search engine ranks, especially as web masters like Google continue to refine their web crawling formulas.

Google has always placed a high value on regularly updated content, but the latest revisions to its algorithm do even more so. This means you shouldn’t merely dust off last year’s content for the new season – rather, you’ll want to create content anew in order to grab Mountain View’s attention.

The Fresh update also shows a preference for featuring the newest content via news and blog services, meaning you’ll want to keep creating unique, relevant content on a regular basis. Associate this with your seasonal pages and you could see a further boost in relevance.

Keeping your pages static and reinforcing them with fresh content, if done correctly, will engage your site users and could also better social signals – another increasingly important way of building authority. Your static page – say “” – could make a comeback each year, the way “” wouldn’t.

And while it can be helpful to have pages labelled by year, you need to make sure the static pages are in it for the long haul.


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  • GM79

    Great article. One question though: How do you keep creating ‘unique, relevant content on a regular basis’ for a Christmas page? Especially for a retailer? Would be great to hear suggestions. Thanks

    • Jason Morton

      Thanks. To respond to your question, I would clarify that new and unique content creation should be ongoing for a website throughout the year. When special seasons such as Christmas come, you would want to prepare your pages for better search placement by refreshing the content and supporting them with additional things like social sharing, blog posts, news articles and PRs.