No. 19 – SEO Advent Tip

Posted on 19. Dec, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

Day 19 of the bigmouthmedia SEO Advent Calendar. You can read day 18 here.

Utilise eCRM in your SEO and PPC campaigns

As the importance of a ‘multi signal’ search strategy isincreasing over time, there are a number of ways in which web marketers can utilise eCRM to aid their SEO and PPC campaigns. eCRM, also known as “Electronic Customer Relationship Marketing” is a powerful potential source of new links, recommendations and social mentions that can boost the performance of your SEO campaign.

When a user interacts with, purchases from or subscribes to your website you have an opportunity to use this customer as a marketing agent for your site. We can often become fascinated with attracting only new users to the site, forgetting that our existing customers can help us too. We can tap into our pool of customers to help our campaigns. Some examples include:

Post purchase social ‘nudges’:

If you have a post purchase confirmation page, then you could also use this platform to encourage social sharing of your site or offers.
Why not consider adding social sharing buttons like ‘Tweet’ ‘Like’ ‘Google+’ or other sharing buttons relevant to your website. A customer who has just saved money or found a fantastic deal is likely to be in a much more helpful mood and may share your site with their social networks. All of these social signals can help give you an edge in the search results.

Why should i do this?

With Google and Bing publicly announcing their acknowledgement of social signals from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and reviews as ranking signals, we should aim to extract as much value from these channels as possible.


Google in particular is keen on using peer reviews as one of their indicators of trust in their search algorithm. Think about it – if lots ofUtilise eCRM in your SEO and PPC campaigns people review something positively, then it makes sense for them to return them prominently in their results right?

If we have a consistent stream of reviews about our site, then we can leverage these to our advantage. A good example of using eCRM would be post purchase email shots. Let’s take Boots as an example – who have a great PPC listing for ‘perfume’ due to their review ratings and customer feedback. Which of these PPC ads would you rather click?

These rating are a clear call to action which will likely help to improve the CTR of this ad over its competitors.

Why not send your regular customers an email asking them (nicely) to give you a review on sites like Review Centre, Trustpilot and Ciao – you could also supply them with social buttons and ‘link to us’ code asking them to help spread the word.

eCRM is a great tool for achieving this and hopefully will form of your search strategy in the future.