What’s Next: Introducing our new ‘Show Reel’

Posted on 21. Dec, 2011 by in Digital Marketing

(Originally cross-posted on the LBiQ Blog)

You may remember seeing, hearing or reading about a real, live unicorn on Brick Lane a few months ago. Erm, that was us. We literally stopped traffic early one September morning as our Chief Creative Officer Chris Clarke (somewhat bashfully, it should be added) led the mythical beast through the East London streets and into our office.

Contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t just an average day in the life of a Shoreditch digital agency. We were filming the opening scene of our new showreel, which we’re pleased to be unveiling here today after a lot of hard work from all involved.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s no ordinary showreel.

Our aim was to create a film that showcased to the outside world some of the work we’re most proud of, as well as giving people a glimpse of the creative magic makes us tick here at LBi.

Rather than a showreel, we wanted to create a ‘Show Real’.

It was important to us to create something that reflected the breadth of our services in the most interesting and engaging way possible. We wanted to show off our talented people, our skills and the unique way we blend all our expertise together to build business value for clients like Puma, Sony Ericsson and Skype.

To do this we created a narrative around the unicorn. To us the unicorn symbolises the never-ending quest for digital mastery. It represents our ability to help companies of all shapes and sizes decide What’s Next … and then take them there.

We’ve tried to bring this theme to life in our Show Real. Like most agencies these days we work mostly in digital, but for this project we stepped away from our screens, went lo-tech, and tried to do as much as possible for real.

To that end we’ve built up, propped up and acted out a series of vignettes representing some of our best bits. From a machine made of brik-a-brak to a projection mapping installation and a live unicorn, this has been a project involving lots of LBi people, lots of work, and lots of fun.

 It’s been an adventure, and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it because – in the end – you’ll be the judge.


Lead LBi Creative Team
Thea Hamrén and Emil Rydberg

Fredrik Forrest

Simon Rudholm

Sound Design
Kungen & Hertigen

Ashley Cohen and Debbie Lee

+ all lost boys & girls that’s helped build, act out and make this film happen.

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