The importance of CPA increases

Posted on 30. Dec, 2011 by in Verticals

It is imperative to treat your affiliates like an online sales force; affiliate managers should motivate and encourage their affiliates to drive more traffic and revenue to a client’s website. There are many ways in which we can do this, commission increases tend to have the biggest impact. We would recommend launching your affiliate program with a set commission rate, but not too high, ensure you have some commission to play around with on top of the standard rates.

How do I book them in?

Contact your affiliates to discuss the potential opportunities they have on their sites. Ensure you fully brief the affiliate and let them know by how much you are able to increase their commission. Remember to ask the affiliate what coverage they can provide you with and potentially how much volume they can deliver. Affiliates know their sites and traffic inside out; some are able to predict sales and revenue volumes for you.

What coverage should I ask for?

Each affiliate has different advertising opportunities on their sites which can include home page placements, banner placements (above and below the fold), category specific sponsorship, solus email and newsletter sponsorship opportunities. Ensure you ask the affiliate about each and every opportunity.

What should I do if there is no uplift?

Most of the time commission increases work fantastically, with the majority of clients seeing an uplift in sales and revenue. There is the possibility that the commission increase hasn’t worked as well as you had hoped. We would recommend reviewing the stats on a daily basis, if you notice that there is no uplift, contact the affiliate to discuss the issue with them. No doubt the affiliate will want to help you and provide you with some additional coverage if they have it available on their sites.  The majority of affiliates we have worked with in the past have been very understanding and know that they have to perform well for clients if they wish to have more commission increases in the future.