Food Provides Exciting SEO Opportunities

Posted on 06. Jan, 2012 by in Stats & Trends

Photo by Claire Sutton on Flickr

Last month we talked about Pinterest and potential opportunities for SEO and link building. These kinds of image sharing and bookmarking websites are rapidly becoming extremely popular and authoritative. There are websites that offer a similar service with a more tailored approach.

Websites such as Foodgawker and Tastespotting offer users the opportunity to upload images of food to be displayed on the website, in a similar way to Pinterest. The marketing value of these websites are evident for food bloggers and cooking enthusiasts alike but are there larger opportunities for SEO and link building?

We noted last month that Pinterest has reached the SEO radar and therefore is at risk of being exploited as users can upload whatever they want without a submission process. This is what sets these websites apart. Foodgawker for example has an extremely stringent moderation process that each image has to go through, resulting in the majority of images being rejected due to composition, light balance or duplication. This ultimately makes the website less likely to be crowded with spam and attempts to build low grade links. It also ensures that quality content is appropriately shared which therefore increases the SEO value of the images published.

If you are lucky enough to have your image accepted it is exposed to an already huge and growing audience, none-stop traffic and the added bonus of a backlink to your website. The introduction of Foodgawker’s iPhone app will only increase the traffic and the websites WordPress layout allows for easy use and navigation, prompting users to return. The popularity of Foodgawker has meant the introduction of several sub ‘gawkers’ of different categories including weddings and crafts, thus providing more opportunity for a variety of different industries and clients.

It is evident that these websites are rapidly gathering SEO value and it is an encouraging resource for any organisation with image assets. It will be interesting to see how these websites develop and adapt and whether they stay committed to their strict rules.

At the moment it seems that the value of these websites lie with food bloggers, giving them additional traffic and added exposure. However with the increase in popularity and traffic volumes how will the sites cope with their strict submission process?

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