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Posted on 16. Jan, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Coming from a corporate background, I was a bit apprehensive about moving my career path towards digital marketing. I mean, I was excited about learning SEO and how it improves a client’s website, but the office oozes a somewhat different atmosphere than the banking sector.  So my first day and I’m told to ‘dress casually’, ‘oh God, crisis!’.

Having donned the corporate look for so long, I was worried that in a laidback office with relaxed clothing I might just think I’m in my house and want to chill!

Well, I was wrong. For those looking for a career in digital marketing learn first-hand what it’s like and see if you are up to the challenge….

Gain Knowledge Fast

People in Digital Marketing are smart, not because they happen to know it all, but because they learn quickly by nature. They are proactive about gaining more and more knowledge which is vital in an ever-changing and  ever-growing industry.  A lot of people at bigmouthmedia who are now senior came in to the industry at a lower level and worked their way up.  I’m not inferring that something like SEO is easy to learn, but rather that people who do well in digital are the ones who accelerate their knowledge as quickly as they can. These are the people who are not afraid to expose themselves by asking what might seem like a simple question.

These people were brave enough to ask the ‘stupid questions’ but then went out, in their own time, and tested things by setting up their own websites and tracked the progress of it through analytics. Use your own time to get ahead. It may seem like a big commitment but the reward is invaluable. So get experimenting!

At bigmouthmedia, client work is a collaborative effort and you are encouraged to innovate on a constant basis.  Someone once said to me ‘if you are not vulnerable about your knowledge then you must know it all…but you can’t know it all’. The best advice I can give is to be proactive in your search for new knowledge in all aspects of the digital world. People who do well in digital marketing remove their ego from the equation and always ask and accept help and new knowledge from anybody that wishes to offer it.  They are aware of their limitations and work on strengthening their weaknesses. Having a big appetite for knowledge is a winning factor in the digital world and mastering your weaknesses is an essential tool in your skill set.

Top Tip: Subscribe to as many blogs as you can find online to get your SEO knowledge up to speed.

Goal Orientated

Heads are down and the keyboards are taking a battering. Three different departments sit on the floor where I work (I’m in SEO) and across the floor you soon learn that people work extremely hard. It seems people really like getting things done whether it’s an initial strategy piece or some clever innovations. People are very goal orientated. So while the vibe may be laid back, the undertone of the office is ‘let’s get things done…and let’s do them well’.

Top Tip: Manage expectations and over deliver.  Don’t get lazy and think your client won’t mind if you send that Keyword Research document a day late because your contact is ‘really sound’. Lateness is always noted and can set an expectation that timekeeping issues may occur again.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Good communication skills are vital for a successful career in account management. But they are only a means to an end if it’s to get ahead. Be a good communicator by nature not by necessity. You must want to have good working relationships.  You might be able to hammer out keyword research no problem and write up meta descriptions with your eyes closed but none of that actually matters unless you have a good relationship with your client. Delivering your recommendations strongly is hugely important and I implore you to do so by actually caring about how this might change the client’s website for the better.

Top Tip: Care about your work relationships as much as your client relationships. This foundation will stand you in good stead for being a great account manager.


And I don’t just mean the social life (although bigmouthmedia work hard and play hard). Our Managing Director said to some of us new starts ‘you know you love your job when it feels effortless’. Not because it’s easy or that you are over qualified but because you are obsessed with your work and enjoy the culture around you. Being creative and goal orientated go hand in hand for a successful career in digital.

Are you up to the challenge?


Be thirsty for knowledge

Be good at getting things done well

Be a good communicator by nature

Be passionate about your work!

Email your CV and cover letter to and tell us exactly what makes you perfect for a career in digital.

Hear what a career at bigmouthmedia means to some of our resident bigmouths and find out more on our careers page.

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