The year for Mobile Marketing

Posted on 19. Jan, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

It’s the start of yet another year and as usual predictions are flying around suggesting what this years ‘fad/craze/new technology’ will be? And true to form, this year is no different. Everyone around the globe is saying that this will be THE YEAR OF THE MOBILE. But is this really new news to any of us?

Every year, well, for as long I was in university and now working, this has been said, but in truth I think this could be the year!

The mobile years mobile man

The fact of the matter is, no matter where you look these days you’ll see adults, teenagers and even kids with smartphones. It was predicted that:

In June 2011, “Google Insights revealed that 30% of the UK population owned a Smartphone, compared to 20% ownership in 2010. Google forecast that by the end of 2012, over 50% of the UK population would own a Smartphone and use it regularly for internet access.” 2012 “ 

So why the sudden surge and what does it mean to our clients? The explosion of iPhone`s and HTC`s dominating the phone market over the past number of years respectively, has meant that having the internet at your fingertips has never been so easy. With thousands of customers and visitors having access to your site this way, it would be a good time to start thinking about creating a mobilized version of your site. 

Me! Have a mobilised version of my site?

There will be some sceptics out there thinking they do not need a mobile version of their current site, which in some cases could be true. But in order to truly find out, it would be wise to check your Google Analytics or Omniture tracking source.

For those of you who don’t have tracking on your site, GET SOME!

By having a mobilised version of a site you are opening up your market share to a new audience. From a technical point of view there is a fair amount of work in order to develop one however; the creation of a mobile version of a website has many overall benefits. This mainly ties into usability and ease of use of mobile specific websites. This factor will encourage users to use such websites over your traditional website.

Mobile benefits

Provide an improved user experience – For a start, nobody using a smartphone wants to browse through a desktop site! Having a specific mobile site will significantly improve user experience and most of all conversion rates

  • Faster download times – “Does what it says on the tin” Mobile sites are designed to have a smaller download time, coincides with mobile standards so that you aren’t waiting.
  • Brand identity – From my last blog you will notice that “Brands speak louder than words” this will help your site stand out. Identifying the brand of your organisation before anything is even read on the site, makes a good positive statement.
  • Integration with offline media – Again from my last blog, you can integrate offline and online media throughout great forms of recommendations such as QR-codes and Snap Tags.
  • Connectivity – If you all think back to a few weeks ago, “does #hurricanebawbag ring any bells?” and since then the weather being as tropical as it is in this country gale force winds knocking out power supplies. When this happened people where still facebooking and tweeting there friends around the world telling them. “How, with mobilised versions of these sites of course.”

So will you be mobilising your site for 2012 or leaving your site e-mobilised to Mobile phones?

Be sure to come back tomorrow to the Bigmouth Blog and read Amy McInnes part about Mobile Usability.