Quality content boosts rankings in times of ‘social’ change

Posted on 25. Jan, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Business and Social Media Platforms Search engines may be taking more signals from social shares, but without quality content, a website could be turning customers away. Find out how to lead them from Facebook pages to product pages with bigmouthmedia.

According to projections, business presence across social media platforms looks set to keep expanding in 2012. But perhaps the bigger reveal is that businesses plan to supplement this with more attention to unique, hosted content in the coming year.

Polling leading marketing agents and consultants in the United States, Awareness Inc found 70 per cent of businesses planned to set up branded accounts on new platforms.

However – in a telling account of what’s really needed to enhance social profiles – the biggest growth channel for the year according to the survey will be blogging. While 57 per cent of respondents said they had blog content already, a further 28 per cent planned to start up a company blog in the coming year.

Why? Because regular updates of fresh, unique content via blogs and news services are a great way to bridge the gap between social and organic search.

At bigmouthmedia, we use web copywriters to produce blogs and news articles, so clients receive SEO-optimised content much like they would with web copywriting for web pages.

However, a blog has more social value than, say, a product page for a shovel.

Blogs can be used to explore new product offerings, special events in particular destinations or tie a trending event (“Queen’s Jubilee”, for example) to a service (“Hotels in London”).

Given the findings from Awareness Inc, it would seem companies understand fresh content – such as blogs and news articles – can complete their social profiles by giving them additional branded content to share. That, in turn, can get fans sharing and retweeting content hosted directly on a company website.

Previously, a fan page or branded Twitter feed might feature timely, relevant content from other sources – proving a brand had its finger on the pulse, but also sending a potential customer to an external site.

However, with quality web content hosted on-site and shared via social channels, a business can stay an authority in its field without directing users elsewhere.


Image sourced from : http://thegoldsteinstandard.com/?p=1014