The re-structuring of the IAB & The ePrivacy Directive

Posted on 27. Jan, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

IABRestructuring the IAB Affiliate Marketing Council to a more diverse steering committee

It was announced at yesterday’s IAB Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) meeting that the council will now be re-structured to be run by a steering committee. More people will be able to help manage the projects at hand and will include a diverse set of people to help contribute towards the work of 2012. The steering group will be made up of a number of representatives from advertisers, affiliates, agencies, networks and the IAB; therefore the steering group provides the AMC with a range of expertise and experience to bring to the table. Clare O’Brien will be the representative from the IAB and the lead of this new structure.

It’s planned that the steering committee will meet monthly to discuss social events, training and industry news and then feed this out to the wider group. Having this steering group also provides the IAB to carry out training and host events to other councils.  It’s also hoped that the new structure of the AMC will encourage members of the IAB – known as ‘the assembly’ – to feedback and contribute more heavily within council meetings.

Privacy Policy

 The first hurdle for the new structure to tackle…

Having ticked off the mobile best practice guide from the to-do list, the next item on the AMC’s list is the ePrivacy Directive. This legislation has been introduced to signal to all online services that they must let visitors of their site be aware that they are consenting to the ‘storing of information or the gaining and access to information stored in the terminal equipment of a subscriber of users’. In relation to affiliate marketing, it’s about letting site users know that they can be tracked through their cookies and gives them an option to opt out of being tracked when surfing the internet.

Why is it so important?

This piece of legislation is one which is vitally important to be communicated across the board; specifically to affiliates and clients in order for the industry to appear more transparent about how consumer data is used and stored.

What can we do?

Agencies need to make clients and affiliates aware of this legislation and ensure that they are providing them with appropriate and clear information on this. It’s suggested that businesses using cookies for affiliate marketing purposes conduct audits to see how each is used and to begin to think of ways to make use of cookies more transparently. In order to do this the IAB plan to release a Consumer Guide to Affiliate Marketing to explain how this legislation will affect consumers online and to further explain cookies and their purpose. It’s also suggested that as an industry we develop a more standardised wording as good practice for affiliates to inform consumers about the use of cookies for this purpose. Further to this, the IAB plan to continue working with the UK Government and Web Browser Manufacturers to enhance browser settings and make them simpler and easier for consumers to use.