Squitters Have Olympic Usernames Squatted Until 2048

Posted on 22. Feb, 2012 by in Thoughts

A look at how Twitter squatters (or squitters) have Olympic usernames squatted until 2048.

I love the forward thinking minds of digital. Many live their lives by the motto:

“if you’re not fast you’re last”

It’s a good motto to follow.

I have to confess a bad habbit; whenever I hear of a new television show, product, up-coming event like the Olympics, etc, I immediately go to Fasthosts to check whether the domain name is registered. Nine out of ten times it is. Digital, its cut-throat.

While reading comments about the excessive use of yellow on the BBC Sports Olympics website (not to my cup of tea), it triggered my habbit to check how far into the future Olympic themed usernames on Twitter have been registered.

The answer, 2048. I wasn’t shocked at all.

Twitter have some strict rules on squitters. How well they’re enforced, I don’t know. Not very well in this scenario, at least.

Looking at the squatted profiles, I found it funny how Olympics 2040 and 2044 had a brief conversation with one another:

On the same theme, I also decided to check World Cup usernames too. Guess what? Squitters have hit again. One squitter is even trying to sell the World Cup 2014 username.

With only a handful of years to come, I think they’re in for a chance. Again though, selling usernames violates Twitter guidelines.

What your thoughts; are squitters worth any money? Have you registered any good usernames? Would you pay for a username? Do you find the term squitter as funny as I do?

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  • Michael Bochel

    If you were keen you would should be sitting next to a computer as soon as the next olympics host is announced and claim [city] 2016. Can see it now Edinburgh 2044!

    • Michael Thomson

      Edinburgh 2044, would love that! I wrote a post ages ago about X-Factor and the finalists domains; honestly I checked after the first show and nearly all the domains were gone and fan based social profiles. I suspect its affiliates keen to make a buck – they’re so cunning that way.