A Day in the Life of an LBi bigmouthmedia Affiliate Manager

Posted on 24. Feb, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

“An affiliate manager, what do you actually do?” – this is a question that I am often asked by my non digital peers and who can blame them, ‘affiliate’ isn’t a word that is often used unless you are immersed in the online world.

For this edition of the affiliate team’s blog post I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the daily responsibilities of the affiliate management service and why, at LBi bigmouthmedia, we strive to make this service as exceptional and proactive as it can be.

I want to initially point out what is expected of me in my role from not only a client’s perspective, but also from my peers. Below I have highlighted some key responsibilities that we have within our affiliate management roles:

So let’s delve a little deeper into what this diagram means to my day.

Proactive Account Management: The most important aspect of my day.

I spend a lot of time incorporating a number of processes to make sure that I am servicing a client and our affiliate partners to the best of my ability. Whether this is through the strong relationships I have spent time building with the contacts I have or taking a strategic look at the week ahead to ensure we are optimising the campaign. Key contributions to this are:

  • Ensuring affiliates have the correct promotional information and communicating this in an effective way to them
  • Approving affiliates and distributing creative and/or copy to them
  • Regular client calls and meetings to discuss the performance of the account
  • Regular affiliate calls and meetings to discuss the opportunities with the accounts
  • Analysing reports and feeding this data back to the client
  • Researching what’s new in the industry
  • Identifying exposure opportunities and booking this with affiliates

Expertise and Knowledge:

Attending key industry events is a massive part of my job; if there is something to know about the industry I want to make sure I am there to find out. Attending regular IAB meetings and the annual A4U Expo is a fantastic way to do this. I also spend a lot of time attending networking sessions to meet as many affiliates as I can.

Strategy Focus:

The strategy of a program is the most important part of its success and I spend time everyday analysing the accounts I work on to identify areas of strength and weakness. I also spend time liaising with other teams such as SEO and Social Media to ensure our cross digital approaches are strategically aligned.

With quarterly strategy review meetings and account audits we’re constantly making sure that we know our accounts next move before it even happens. We utilise marketing activity planners, perform frequent analysis and write strategy documents which support our findings and recommendations.

Relationship Building:

An affiliate program would be nothing without the most important players – the affiliates. So to make sure I am looking after this fundamental part of the program I spend a lot of time on affiliate calls, in affiliate meetings and I’m constantly sending emails and on the phone to keep as many people as I can in the loop about what our plans contain for our client programs. In my experience, stronger relationships = stronger performance.


Would the online world be a better place if it just stood still? No, it would be a very different, less interesting market to be in and I’m fortunate to be in a job where I am constantly learning. Armed with this new knowledge I can then feed it back into the campaign to increase the power of the brand within its sector. As affiliate managers we are here to maximise the potential of any campaign and combining all of the above is a sure fire way to achieve it.

I hope this provides you just a snapshot of what it is to be an affiliate manager at LBi bigmouthmedia and if this is something that you think you would like to be part of then contact us as we’re delighted to say we have a vacancy to be part of this amazing team.

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