Branded Facebook Timeline Covers: 10 of the best (so far)

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Facebook Timeline for brands has only recently been announced but already some brands and organisations have embraced it and updated their Facebook brand pages accordingly. The launch has been widely covered and many have already commented on what it means and why there is the usual outcry when change takes place. I am not here to say whether it is good or not just now, more just who has embraced it so far.

Following on from Simon Heyes’ top 10 creative Google+ Pages and without much further ado here are 10 pages that are leading the way and one that is already breaking the rules.

1. Burberry

It is not a social media post like this without Burberry getting a mention and to keep up tradition their social media guys have been quick off the mark. It’s an old fashioned number for them.

Burberry Facebook Cover Photo

2. Red Bull

Another brand that like to be one of the first, Red Bull have gone with a very striking image.

Red Bull Facebook Cover Photo

3. Sharpie

Some great artwork on the Sharpie Page showing off what you could do with their pens if you had the talent.

Sharpie Facbook Cover Photo

4. Fanta

Creative use by Fanta to incorporate their avatar as part of their cover photo.

Fanta Facebook Cover Photo

5. Sub Club

Unless you are from Glasgow or central Scotland in general the chances are you might not be too familiar with the Sub Club. However a great example of how a venue can use it to maximise the visual impact of their brand page.

Sub Club Facebook Cover Photo

6=. Manchester City & Manchester Utd

The two Manchester football clubs are battling for the Premier League title and both have launched their branded timelines with great images of their teams. Man Utd show off their title win last year while City showcase their vast array of talent.  I will let you decide which is best. Man City Facebook Cover PageMan Utd Facebook Cover Page

8. Starbucks

Starbucks went for an instagram feel to their cover photo.

Starbucks Facebook Cover Photo

9. Topman

All about the catwalk and the fashion for Topman’s efforts.

Topman Facebook Cover Photo

10. Eastenders

And to wrap up the top 10 it is the Eastenders page from the BBC. Get out ma puuuubbbb. Duff Duff Duff….

 Eastenders Facebook Cover Photo

Finally the rule breaker I was talking about, that would be Subway. No calls to action allowed they said.

Subway Facebook Cover PhotoIf all else fails, brands should get inspiration from this collection of profile timelines from the ‘average’ user. What other ones I have missed though? Coca Cola or the Facebook efforts deserve a mention?

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  • Nathalie Dumont

    Wonder if Subway will get away with it, promising! :-)

  • Resell SEO

    Fanta’s cover is what I’m looking for in those brands that are using Facebook as a way to gather fans. I wanted to see those covers that complete the profile picture. You’ll see who’s really creative in the advertising department.

    = Gerald Martin =

  • Yebhi Coupons

    Wow Really Creative
    Thanx for sharing new ideas ;-)
    fanta facebook page is really cool

  • Andrew

    wonderful covers…everything is unique in its way….

    it seems like copies few covers fom there