iMothers Day: The rise of the tech Mum

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012 by in Thoughts

It’s Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, and whereas once upon a time an e-card would have seemed almost impersonal, it may now be the most fitting way to reach some of our beloved mothers.

An iMum can come in many forms, from angry-birds addicts to members of the influential Tots100 blogging group. Today, Plusnet announced findings that 82 per cent of mums use the internet as a key tool for seeking advice on child raising and a recent small survey by Engage:Moms found that tablets are becoming the primary technological partner for mums, with 47% of those asked saying that they would be in line to get the new iPad model this month.

Interestingly, the same survey found that these mothers tend to spend over 10 hours per week on their tablets and have more than 20 Apps on their tablets, in comparison to spending fewer than 2 hours per week on a PC, highlighting that iMums are not just getting active online, they’re looking ever so cool whilst doing it…

A modern-day family?

What’s great is that the online world is reacting to this trend; with mummy-blogger centric outreach projects, lists of top ‘mom friendly iPad apps’, niche-need mummy sites developing, and more and more mummy-targeting stores generating custom apps for shopping and exploring online.

Companies are monitoring, and reacting to, the thoughts of vocal online mums more than ever before, bringing both parents and their children in earlier in the development process, and gaining greater insight about what to create, and how to spread the word.

But you may be thinking, “hang on, my mum still treats even the interweb with suspicion…”, well don’t worry, not all mums are embracing the trend. We’ve started a little survey on the Bigmouthmedia Facebook page and currently the results stand at 14 iMums to 5 mummy cynics.

So why are we writing this? Well, simple really, we just wanted to tip our hats and raise our glasses to this magnificent set of online users – never underestimate the iMum – We salute you and all that you share.

Happy Mother’s Day iMums! and here’s to beating that personal top score on Angry Birds…


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  • Amanda @

    There’s no denying mums are becoming more tech-savvy! I’m one of four iMums that run an informative website for other iMum’s called, funnily enough,! Great article. :)

    • Georgia Artus

      Hi Amanda, Great minds think alike! I love the look of your site – and definitely know a few people who would find it useful. Thanks for your comment :-)