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Posted on 11. Apr, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Google have today announced a change to their Google+ platform which, from first impressions, certainly looks a little more stand out than their current design, even if it is a closer shift towards Facebook’s current layout. Google hope that the changes make it easier to use and nicer to look at, but most importantly, accelerate thier efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.

Here is a video overview from Google:

Some of the main changes include:

  • Navigation you can make your own – instead of a plethora of static icons along the top bar of your stream there is now a stylish and dynamic ribbon of applications located down the left hand side of the screen that users can drag and drop to create their own bespoke Google+ page.
  • Conversations you really care about – Google+ makes it easy to share relevant content to relevant people through the circles you create, but with the new layout Google is aiming to go one step further. They are looking to provide an experience that inspires users to connect with others and combine ‘utility with beauty’. Interestingly, this also includes a ‘Trending on Google+’ section which not to dissimliar to that used on microblogging platform Twitter.

Trending on Google+, similar to trending on Twitter

  • A new home for hanging out – When Google+ Hangouts was announced Google wanted to create a space that was readily available for everyone to share live video and come together to talk about anything and everything. With today’s announcement they are adding a dedicated Hangouts page that creates even more opportunities for people to connect in person.
  • Getting there from here – today’s news also extends beyond navigation, the stream and hangouts as Google provide a number of new applications such as: a new Explore page showing what’s interesting and trending across the network; a new profile with much bigger photos as well as a new chat list putting your friends in the limelight.
  • Cover photo – on the Google+ profile page, Google have made a Facebook-esque enhancement which gives users the option to add a single image to act as a cover photo, instead of the standard five images.

Google+ Cover Photo
Some of the team here have been playing around with the new layout, but let us know your thoughts.

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