4 things your PPC campaign should never lack

Posted on 13. Apr, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

Forget millions of keywords, forget thousands of pieces of adcopy, here’s 4 things you need to make your paid search campaign successful:

1. An updated product, availability and price feedPPC Success

There’s nothing worse than finding your way to a website only to realize the product you were looking for is out of stock or only available at a different price.

This experience annoys users and is ultimately brand damaging. Plus you’ve just spent money on those clicks!

An updated feed that interacts directly with your paid search campaigns to stop, boost or change them as relevant, will avoid wasting money and annoy customers.

2. Negative keywords

There’s terms you simply don’t want to appear for: unless you’re giving away stuff, any search containing “free” is a waste of money, of course. And there’s lots of those searches!

You also don’t want to mislead users by advertising on products or services you don’t actually offer or have available.

There is no way to completely automate the process: refreshing negative keyword lists is a (painful) manual job that needs the human eye to avoid silly mistakes. However, regularly updating the negative keywords list is an effective way to save money on unnecessary clicks, while protecting your brand against negative associations.

3. Test, test and test again

You can try things on paid search. Quickly. If something doesn’t work – a new keyword, a different set of adcopies or landing pages – you can revert things back. All it’ll cost you is a couple of days budget. And you might find some hidden gems.

A simple testing strategy will make a whole world of difference: try one thing at a time, give your test enough time to accumulate statistically significant data, discard what’s not working, further improve what’s working.

4. A good conversion funnel

Ultimately it’s about getting users to perform the actions you want them to perform: whether it’s leaving their details, buying a product, downloading a white paper, signing up for a news letter, you want to make sure incoming traffic is not wasted, lost, puzzled, unhappy.

Although this is not something you’ll be able to affect through paid search only, it is one of the most important to run a successful campaign. Think of what a great difference it would make to your ROI if that conversion rate was just that 0.1% higher!

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