Using Infographics for SEO

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand links?

Infographics have become a very powerful tool for brands to engage with online consumers. Images generally have less of an SEO impact than text, however a carefully designed and compelling infographic can generate substantial and valuable inbound links to the hosting site. Savvy companies are taking full advantage of this and incorporating infographics into their content marketing strategy.

But what exactly is the point of an infographic?

The recipe for a good infographic is to sprinkle liberal quantities of creative magic over a possibly boring collection of statistics, facts and figures, and turn them into a visually interesting and digestible piece of content that people will ideally want to share.

The aim of a good infographic should be to make absorbing and acquiring information easier, less time-consuming, and more memorable. Humour never hurts either! A case in point would be this cheeky infographic about infographics:

Infographic of Infographics

Source: Ivan Cash

The viral aspect of these graphics is the key – by creating one that people want to embed on their own site or share via social networks, the original source of the infographic receives links. This ‘link juice’ will have a positive impact on site rankings and therefore potentially boost site traffic and conversions.

The custom design nature of an infographic also provides an opportunity for sponsored branding with official company logos, taglines etc. but the focus of the infographic shouldn’t really be overly promotional.

What kinds of infographics exist?

The majority of infographics usually fall into one of these categories:

State Of – These infographics tend to outline the current ‘state of’ an industry, trend or idea, like the Current State of UK SEO Agencies.

Resource – These are based around a specific topic, and often include ‘How-To’ guides that can be a nice promotional vehicle but can also be repurposed such as this handy How to Get Rid of a Tattoo Guide from the Reflections Center for Cosmetic Treatment.

Compare/Contrast – These compare or contrast two or more things and can offer solid insight like this infographic about Male versus Female Drivers from Direct Line.

Evolution/Timeline – Evolutionary infographics can establish the source as an authority on something like the History of Facebook Advertising and its change over time.

To whet your appetite for infographics, is a fantastic site and a veritable feast of data visualisation where you can find anything from the History of Video Surveillance to Zombies versus Supermodels. Enjoy!

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