The Synergy between SEO and PPC

Posted on 11. May, 2012 by in Digital Marketing

As a proud advocate of all things SEO, sometimes I can find myself overlooking the importance of PPC. For me, the beauty of SEO lies in a site ranking and performing well on merit of the quality of the site, and not by the amount of money a site has spent getting to the top.  Now I know well optimised sites don’t come without a cost, whether it is a financial commitment to an agency for a well-implemented SEO strategy or an alternative, these efforts all add up. But the point is that the time and money spent doing SEO, contributes to the value of the website as an asset. Correctly implemented SEO work will turn a website into a more valuable asset over time, similar to the way compound interest works.

So where do other channels like PPC fit in?

Let’s consider the benefits of a PPC campaign and tie them up in potential synergies with SEO:

1. Instant Results: Where SEO traffic may take time to appear, an ad campaign will allow traffic to start coming through as soon as it has kicked off.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential: Looking at the relative time involved in PPC and SEO to achieve a positive ROI, it is important to structure a campaign that allows for a high level of initial PPC work. From the data gathered from PPC we can get insights into the highest converting keywords in a particular niche. With this information we can structure some direct and highly profitable SEO work.

2. Measurable Keyword Success: Throughout a PPC campaign, you can track which types of keywords are generating traffic to your site. By using techniques like negative PPC you can measure the real levels of traffic for a given keyword and as a result create more accurate forecasts and ROI models for your clients.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential: Allow this inform your SEO campaign as to which keywords will be more successful to your site than others.

3. Brand Protection: there is nothing more frustrating than getting you client to the top of the SERPs for some high value keywords only to have a competitor’s PPC ad shown above your results.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential:  As this can potentially cannibalise you traffic and affect revenue, it is important that PPC is used to guard against other advertisers trying to capitalise on your brand name.

4. Test Messaging: The messaging you use in your ads follows much of the same criteria as the messaging required in organic results, albeit a little shorter character limits. With the ability to see what messaging is bringing in the most traffic, you can test different types of meta data in order to see which types of messaging is the most successful.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential: Utilise this testing space within your PPC campaign to test which types of phrases, information, tone of voice is prompting the user to click through to the site. PPC results are driven by constant testing and new iterations, therefore the instant access to information that is afforded to PPC should be used to help structure SEO campaigns. That way, you can incorporate the messaging that has been working well in to the meta data for organic results.

5. Instant Accountability: When you buy ads from Google you appear for chosen keyword sets with different ad variants.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential: The information we can draw from the different ads gives SEO a great deal of actionable information on the types of Meta data with the highest click through rates.

6. Landing Page Direction – Within your ad campaign, you can control which page you want to serve to users. This means you can determine which pages you deem are most relevant for your users. With organic search, search engines can sometimes serve other pages that you’re most desired and relevant one.

SEO/PPC Synergy Potential: Target deeper level pages in your PPC campaign and work towards high performing top level pages from optimisation.

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