Do Twitter trends reflect the state of the world? Let’s hope not.

Posted on 16. May, 2012 by in Stats & Trends, Thoughts

As Scotland is the country that puzzled the world when ‘Hurricane Bawbag’ trended worldwide, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been witness to some questionable trends. Within hours there were ‘I survived hurricane bawbag’ t-shirts for sale online and Scotland subsequently had to explain to the world exactly what a ‘bawbag’ is.

The one theme I think most people would agree with me that appears to trend daily is One Direction. The most memorable One Direction trend has to be from late April, ‘Niall Is Our Sexy Leprechaun’. Now, no matter how ‘sexy’ Niall may be, surely the number of mentions it had on Twitter doesn’t reflect the importance of the topic, with almost 63K mentions. The overall gender analysis however, did not surprise me with 80% female.

Another seemingly cult celebrity that appears to have dominated the worldwide trends within the past year is of course Bieber, due to so called “Beliebers”. Yes, you read that right. Oh look at that, ‘Justin Is Our Flawless Idol’ has just started trending.

I would hope that ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’, which gained 100,776 mentions on Twitter as a result of a backlash to the announcement made by FHM, wasn’t one of the top 10 topics in the UK in terms of importance on the day. Though there seemed to be a strong agreement that Tulisa wasn’t the best candidate for the title.

Surely we haven’t always cared so much about trivial matters? Maybe with the speed that social media travels at means we care for shorter periods of time? I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt however if I ever see the phrase ‘TOWIE is my life’ trending I will be re-thinking this decision.

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